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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Ahoy, Corsairs. Hope you enjoyed Sexfest in the General Reading Room yesterday but in case you missed it here’s the scoop! Walking in, I noticed the lively and vibrant atmosphere immediately; sex positive videos playing on the projector and decorations galore. Taking my first few steps I found tables covered in free condoms, lubricants, informational pamphlets and, of course, attendants who were more than happy to answer any questions.


There were a number of hosts offering information and demonstrations of new innovations in prophylactic equipment as well as surveys and fun key chains! I had the pleasure of talking to the people at one table who introduced me to a newer design of prophylactic that, rather than rolling on, is folded in a design not unlike a collapsed accordion. It came in both internal and external forms and was designed to eliminate the need for the infamous, constricting, elastic band signature to the roll-on condom.


They explained the design of another alternative to roll-on condoms which uses the internal design formerly known as the “female condom”. It features a wide mouth and basin with a removable ring and can be worn like a regular condom. The loose design is less constrictive, better lubricated and even softer than the typical roll-on condom; no doubt making it more pleasurable for both partners.


Another table had a wide displays of toys and gels that do everything from lubricate, rejuvenate and even numb. The same table had a little workshop that let you build your own vulva, an educational experience that teaches participants the different parts and layers of the female sex organs. A raffle was also hosted for a chance to win a few of the toys.


All in all it was a lovely event; educational, fun, with a great atmosphere and I would recommend anyone to attend if they get the chance. So keep your eye out for more upcoming events from the Office of Health Education, Promotion & Wellness and the Center of Women, Gender, and Sexuality!


Speaking of upcoming events…. “Getting Wordy, Talking Dirty” a presentation tonight at 6 pm in Woodland Commons is about sexual communication, consent and fun phrases to spice up your sexicon. Join us and learn how to figure out what type of sex you want!


And a SafeZone training session will be hosted on the 24th (that’s tomorrow) at 3 pm. Contact to register.