Woman’s Resistance to Neo-liberal Globalization


            Although neo-liberal penetration has brought along many negative drawbacks for women women, it’s existence also creates a movement of global resistance, in the struggle against neo-liberal authority.

            Filipino women’s resistance to globalization is led by GABRIELA; a militant, national coalition of women’s organizations, and  GABRIELA has facilitated the organization of grassroots women. It has helped to raise consciousness among its members and the larger public on the impact of neo-liberal globalization on Filipino women and one of its major political campaigns is the “Purple Rose Campaign”, which is an international campaign against the sex trafficking of Filipino women and children.

            An overseas organization called “Migrante International” is also a huge contributor to the resistance of neo-liberal globalization among Filipino immigrants. They have established  numerous organizations in various countries that work towards confronting the state, demanding to change the policies of neo-liberal globalization such as deregulation which diminishes the role of the state

in protecting the rights and welfare of migrants.

            It is clear that neo-liberal globalization is a process which has greatly impact the poor, but most importantly poor women in the Third World. However, resistance to neo-liberal globalization in the Philippines has been continuous. Both at home and overseas, activist organizations such as GABRIELA and Migrante International that resist policies of neo-liberal globalization, assist in diminishing the hardships imposed on those in developing societies. These groups give hope to women to are facing the hardships that globalization places upon them.

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