Oh, Ohio! By: India Brown

Since when did no mean yes? Since this is apparently still an issue today, let’s break it down in the most logical sense. Yes: a sign for going, green, a nod of the head from up to down, a smile even, and sometimes the casual thumbs-up. No: a sign for stopping, yielding if you need to hear it one more time, but that should never be the case, red, a nod from left to right or vice versa, a frown, and that thumbs-down has to mean something undesirable. Being categorized as a victim is the worst feeling, many of us have been there once, maybe twice. No one wants to be the one blamed and no one wants to get hurt.

Often time’s people try to blame the victim for the rape. They’ll say something ignorant like, “She was drunk, and she had it coming!” Yes, because she had a sign that said, “Please, scum of Ohio, rape me!”  How is the one or many that forced themselves on a girl and took videos and laughed because the victim was unconscious, not being questioned? How is it that a girl passes out that makes her an easy target? Here’s some food for thought: what if that girl was dead the whole time, surely necrophilia is something to laugh about and show to all your guy friends.

I am disgusted by our human race and unimpressed by our educational systems, but more vexed that our justice system is as murky and muddy as the oceans floor infested with creatures with no backbones and as mushy as jellyfish. This is what our country is run by, creatures that survive off of eating each other alive.  Our world is run by predominantly run by Caucasian men who are running this so called ‘land of the free’ into an oven with only one entrance. I mean, if our justice system can even call itself a ‘justice system’ knowing that the land was stolen, whom exactly do they aim to please? Being that this land is under God’s trust, well there’s another problem, who’s ‘god’ are we pleasing? This land was destined for failure when we put our trust in a figure based off fictional literature, who we might as well call superman.

How someone can contemplate rape is beyond me. How someone can proceed with it is what reaffirms my beliefs on this place we so calmly call home. Why are people feeling sorry for the rapists? Since when was a football career worth more than someone’s body or even dignity? The one thing that everyone proudly owns is their body, not ours, not yours, not the football teams, but my body. When did men start to think that it was ‘okay’ even if she said no, or my favorite one is, she was passed out drunk. Here’s a little interesting fact, yes she may not be able to remember, but I’m sure as hell she felt an immense amount of pain the next couple of days. How is that any different than if you remembered it happening or not, the evidence is all there, from the bruises to the scratches to the bleeding. The media doesn’t want to jeopardize these boys football career, so they covered it up. What does that further prove to us? This is a challenge not only America faces, but many other countries as well. How much longer do women have to wait before misogyny ends? How many more innocent girls, women, wives, mothers, and children need to go through the act of rape and what is often more traumatic than the rape, the justice system. The media, playboy, pornographic films, and of course the justice system are making younger women believe that this kind of treatment is tolerable. That even if your boyfriend takes advantage of you, it’s just because he loves you. It shows our young men often advertisements, magazines, and ads for mass producing companies that it’s okay, women are objects that are in need of a subject, or in many cases like Steubenville; subjects.

Maybe, when men stop denying the unwanted pleasures they can forcibly apply to a woman’s body without the consent and tell us, it was not raped, then we can learn to trust this so called God. Maybe, when God is a woman, there will be hope for men. Maybe when men are blessed with a uterus and feel the pleasures and pains that come with, then we can call our system just. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or sometime in the far off future when men don’t own everything there will be hope for a brighter and happier vagina.



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