Musings from Sasha By Sasha Sanders (Post Two)

The Women I Aspire to be

      If I could think of a woman from television as I was growing up that I looked up to, it would have to be “Claire Huxtable” from the Cosby Show. She was such an empowering, fearless, beautiful, intelligent, loving, woman; amongst many other qualities. I admired her also as an African American woman, like myself, and the ability that she had to be a great mother, wife, and career woman.
However, growing up, I was raised by a very large ammount of women. My mother, aunts, cousins and grandmothers were the predominant people who I gained my wisdom from, and I could honestly say that they are the women that I always looked up to. These women never seemed to be the type of women that made it seem as though not having men around was a disability. They were and are so strong, independent, intelligent, wise and loving, the perfect combination of a woman to me. The type of woman I want to be.

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