Musings from Sasha By Sasha Sanders (Post One)

“Women in Hip-Hop”
Why is it that women will change our own personalities and sacrifice the things that we have a passion for, in order to become relevant, and feel important? Sadly, I continuously look at the women in the Hip-Hop industry, who are artists, and I notice how often they sacrifice singing about the subjects of popularity rather than desire. I notice how they’re looks change from “street” to “chic” , and their personas no longer display their unique personalities.

The latest example is the one and only, Nicki Minaj, who joined the mainstream rap game less than 5 years ago, and has already become a whole new person (or if you let her tell it, she’s 5 other people). Maybe my frustration stems from the fact that I’m a singer and rapper my self, or maybe it’s just because I’m a true music lover. However, besides the fact that her butt is 60 pounds heaver than it should be because of her butt job, she acts as if she has no intelligence, and this the new role model for many young girls around the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that her lyrics are one of the best in the game when it comes to her wit, pun, and punchlines, but her whole gimmick of being a “Barbie”, and having “multiple personalities” is… for a lack of better words… stupid to me. During a time in which there was such a drought of women in the rap game, she was not really the person that we needed to give females a better name. I do admire her skill, however she always makes situations awkward and her persona is really not dynamic, its exaggerated.

I believe that the personality she’s going for is a fun and crazy one, sorta like Missy Elliot’s, however Missy did it in a way where we could see that she was a musical genius. I honestly cant wait until all the Nicki hype is over. I’m not saying that she needs to start writing empowerment raps, I’m just saying that she need to have SOMETHING to say.

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